3 Lessons Learned:

Importance of Wildlife

Wildlife are all animals that live in places away from human beings in an open ecosystem. Some of the wildlife includes the lion, buffaloes, rhinos, cheetahs among others. It is such a disadvantage to pose any harm to wildlife since it is very beneficial in human beings lives. There is the need to condemn people who endanger wildlife such as hunters and gatherers since wildlife has a great benefit to all.

Tourists are people who come from within or outside a given state to have a view of world animals among other things. Since some wildlife is not found all over the world; people move from various places as tourists to watch those wild animals that cannot be found within their locality. It is the attractiveness of wildlife that persuades human beings to move for farther distances to have a look at them.

Wildlife brings income to the state. Tourism in the wildlife sector is a great advantage to the state since they get some revenue out of it. In most cases, states have come up with a way of earning revenue from wildlife by the building of game parks and reserves where they control various wild animals so that tourists who come to see them give some money in return.

Some societies rely on wildlife for food. It is such a disadvantage that those people who eat the meat of wild animals end up endangering the various species and therefore this should not be encouraged. Animals that are used as food in most societies includes the zebra, shark and the frogs.

Wildlife is of more benefits to particular communities who offer them as sacrificial animals and also use them in the performance of religious rituals.

Some wildlife animals such as parrots and tortoise are used as pets by most societies. Those who don’t keep wildlife as pets are usually seen to embrace sadness by those who keep them.

Some societies rely on wildlife for therapeutic purposes. The medicinal benefits of drugs produced from wild animals are however superstitious and cannot, therefore, be embraced in most parts of the world.

Through wildlife, people from different part of the world come together with a common point. Various states and communities have programs that aim at taking care of wild animals, and this helps them to have a point of understanding each other. The aim of wildlife conferences is bringing people to work together in seeing to it the well-being of wildlife from all over the world.

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