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Several Methods in Which an Entire Family Can Be Affected by Addiction

The person who is abusing the substance is not the only one who tends to be affected by the addiction. The addiction effects are capable of tearing a family apart, hence causing several different issues as well as difficulties in communication and daily living. To help keep the family together and healthy, it is necessary to consider having every person in the family getting counseling or else some help type. Here are some of the different way in which addiction affects the entire family.

One of the effects to the entire family by addiction is emotional trauma. Normally, the emotional hardships can be caused in the family as a result of the mood swings that are usually due to drinking as well as drug abuse. Children happen to feel as though they are the issue to their home, because they tend not to know what is going on, together with why their parent is always upset or mad. Among the popular forms of emotional abuse, some of them include insulting, physical tantrums, yelling and talking down.

Another ways addiction can affect the whole family is financial issues. To help him purchase the drug he is addicted to; he has to use all the money he has on drugs, thus, leading to financial problem. Also, cheating can be a way that affects the family.

Health risk is also a way through which an entire family gets affected by addiction. It may not be a bother to you of the risk you are exposing yourself to by abuse of drugs and alcohol but you have people who do not have a choice at home. With the secondhand smoke getting to the others in your household when you are smoking, you put them on a higher risk.

Repeating patterns are also another way in which smoking affects all the family members. Your choice of either a normal lifestyle or drug addiction, you portray a picture to your family on what you consider more meaningful than them. After your children and spouse watch your behavior, they may also follow suit. Addiction may also bring conflicts in the family set up which is a negative effect. With addiction, it is likely that both attitudes, as well as focus, may be affected. The people you live with might be affected when you rush out on them without your consent.

Inability to feed your smoking and use of drugs may cause anger since it is a cruel circle. It is also possible for your family members to become violent if they get to a point where they no longer understand what is happening or cannot cope with your addiction. The family may also be affected by inconsistency which is a result of both drug abuse or smoking.

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