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Guidelines On Things To Do While Injured In A Car Accident

While driving note that it’s possible to be involved in accidents from mistakes of other drivers. When you are not the cause of the accident you should consider applying of a personal injury lawsuit to help in compensation of the pain, trauma, and stress incurred from the accident. This is to be done later after you and your passengers have been attended to. If it’s a minor injury, then you can move the car aside to avoid causing more accidents. If there are injuries the first thing to do, if you can, is to make a call to 911 for immediate help. At the time you may not get the phone to make the call instead have someone else call 911.

Ensure that you check on the passengers to know if they have been injured. When they are not injured badly and can move to get them out of the car to ensure that they are safe and also place a safety road sign to avoid causing more accidents. If you or the passenger are severely injured do not try to move instead wait for paramedics to assist you on this. When not badly injured apply simple first aid using the kit on the car as you wait for the paramedics.

It’s important to get the details of the other vehicle that caused the accident. You need the driver’s name, driving license number, car make, color, license plate, and the insurance company. If you can, capture the images of the accident from different sides to get more solid evidence. Document also the exact location of the accident at the time it happened and if there was a witness.

Ensure that the police has recorded the accident before the vehicle can be towed to the garage. Record the detail of the police officer on site, the name, badge number, and the station. Once the officer is done request to have a copy of what is documented.

After treatment then you can file a personal injury lawsuit to get compensation from the accident. You cannot do this alone but with the help of a personal injury attorney who prepares and represents you during the hearing. Its necessary to make sure that you have medical treatment records after the accident, proof of the payments made to get the treatment and on medication before you apply for the lawsuit. Indicate also whether the accidents have caused trauma and stress which affected you and if you attended therapy for the same. Due to the nature of the accident you may be unable to continue with daily activities which lead to loss of income when you can no longer work.

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