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How to prevent Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac arrest is one of the most dangerous heart issues in most human beings. Most of these deaths can be prevented by taking the necessary actions. In children having heart issues one needs to learn some of the basics in preventing cardiac arrest. One will get a cardiac arrest when the hearts stop functioning normally due to a problem with the electrical pulses. Most individuals will experience quivering of the heart and then have no pulse when they get a cardiac arrest. Individuals will then stop breathing and with a short time experience unconsciousness. With a CPR one can be able to restore persons breath and to prevent the interruption of blood flow in the brain. The symptoms of cardiac arrest range from having a dizzy feeling to having a racing heart. For one to be sure of the hearts health they need to visit a doctor. To prevent cardiac arrest there are a few things that you can do. In this article we are going to look at some of the ways one can prevent sudden cardiac arrest.

The first thing one needs to do when preventing cardiac arrest is eating healthy foods and having regular exercise. With exercise one can prevent cardiac arrest since it lowers the possibility of fats accumulating in the artery walls. With exercise, one can also help the heat pump blood better in all the body parts with much ease. With a balanced diet you can also promote good health in your circulation system. One should avoid foods that have a lot of fats in order to have a healthy heart.

Individuals need to reduces stress in order to prevent cardiac arrest. Stress has been known to cause a series of health problems involving heart issues. Individuals looking for a way to prevent cardiac arrests they should lower their emotional stress levels. One of the best ways to lower stress include, going on vacations, using aed defibrillator, talking to friends and relatives and even exercises.

In case one experiences a cardiac arrest one should ensure that they perform a CPR. CPR’s should be used immediately an individual shows signs of having a cardiac arrest. Individuals performing this procedure will help one recover by enabling the heart to restore its pulses. One should make surer to attend to a patient who has a cardiac arrest immediately by offering CPR in order to higher their chance of recovering. Therefore when you experience a cardiac arrest with one of your family members you should ensure that you perform the CPR in good time. This will help save their lives and prevent their death.

Finally, the above will help you in preventing sudden cardiac arrest.

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