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How To Use The Pizza Stone To Make The Delicious Pizza

If you are planning to make the most delicious pizza, you will not have a shortage of different toppings. The secret to having the exceptional outcomes is to perfect the art of making the dough for the pizza. If you are desirous of obtaining crispiness and thinness for your bases, it is highly recommended to consider using the pizza stone.

Before you begin your preparation of the delicious pizza, it is important to ensure that you have on the standby several ingredients. Among the things that you need to possess are the 10g of fresh yeast,250g of doppio zero, salt in a pinch, two tea spoons of oil and 125ml of water. For the toppings you are going to need the rocket, cured ham, figs that have been either preserved or freshly obtained, mozzarella and tomato sauce.

The initial step that you are going to take during the preparation of the delicious pizza with a pizza stone is having the yeast sprinkled over warm water that is contained in a bowl that is large sized. Next you will need to let the mixture sit for around between 5-8 minutes for the purpose of developing of the action of bubbling. The reason why you are performing this step is for the purpose of testing how effective the yeast is.

As soon as you are satisfied with the proofing, it is time to add water that is cold and salt and then stir. What follows next is the putting of the flour in the mixture and begin stirring one cup at any time. As soon as you notice that you can easily lift the dough from the bowl, that is an indication that you are through with that process.

Next you need to find a surface that has been floured and knead the dough to the point where it achieves smoothness. Take the oil and brush it over the dough that you have cut into pieces. Look for sealed containers to place the dough so that it can rise for about 16 hours.

At this stage you must undertaking the preheating of the oven and make sure that the pizza stone is put inside it. You should then dust the dough and stretch them to your preferred size. When you through with this, add the sauce and top up your pizza with the ingredients of your choice.

The last step in the process of preparing the perfect pizza using the pizza stone is to put it on the stone. The baking should only take 5 minutes. A pampered chef pizza stone will be ideal in getting satisfactory results and you can read about it it here.

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