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Get To Learn More On Things To Expect During And After Laser Hair Removal

In the year 2018, nearly 16 million Americans underwent a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, and out of this number, about 1 million went for laser hair removal. If you need removing unwanted hair, you can try laser hair removal. However this is not a decision you should take lightly, and you may require guidance on a few things. Let us look at things you should do after laser hair removal.

There are the physical effects. After you complete your final therapy of laser hair removal, it is obvious that you will not have achieved a shiny, silky skin. These changes are common, but they do not occur to everyone. At first, you will experience an itching effect as well as discolored skin. Do not worry as this is normal and it will only last for a few days and then disappear. Other effects include hair shedding off and also slowed down hair growth. This is completely normal, and you have no reason to worry.

Now lets us look at steps to take after laser hair removal. Most of these steps are very simple to carry out, and they are meant to help you maximize the effects of this service. Do not cut or shave your hair. You have to start by resisting the urge to tweeze any new stands that appear. Also, avoid waxing. Let the hair grow, and you can be sure laser will zap it during your next therapy. You should also scrub off your dead skin from time to time. Try your best to exfoliate from time to time. This should not be very often but a few times are enough after receiving this service. You can opt to use body scrubs or the exfoliating washcloth.

The last step you need to try out after receiving this service is to slather on SPF. When you slather your hair, make sure the laser hair removal process becomes a lot easier to carry out, and all undesired hair is gotten rid of. Slathering on SPF brings your skin closer to the surface which intern allows you to have a success hair removal therapy. This means that you should try your best to slather on SPF before attending a laser treatment procedure.

You also need to know how to book your appointment when seeking this service. After undergoing your first treatment, you should have your next treatment scheduled four weeks apart from each other. After the first two appointments, you should go back after every six weeks until your hair follicles become fully deactivated.

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