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All About Caring for Naturally Curly Hair.

14 hair types have been recorded but there are people who think you can only have straight or curly hair which is not right. The major differences when it comes to hair types is in the feel of the hair and the look. You can’t change your hair type because it is in your genes but being prepared to do the work in ensuring it is in a top condition will be helpful. As much as curly hair looks amazing, you have to understand that you will have to put in more work in taking care of it than those who have straight hair do and patience is necessary too. Even so, you should not be unhappy about your hair because it calls for more time in caring for it. In matters to do with creating a hair care routine, you need this information. As long as you know what has to be done, caring for curly hair will not be frustrating. You should evaluate the technique you are using in drying curly hair to see whether it is hurting it or not.

A blow dry is all is needed for those who have straight hair. Even so, curly hair is not good with the drier which is why you should eliminate that from your routine. If you have enough time, you should have it dry naturally. When time is limited you can use a soft towel to dry the hair but ensure you have sectioned it. A cotton t-shirt is also a great item in the drying process for those who have curly hair. These are not just gentle but they help your hair retain moisture. It is essential for you to learn the detangling technique for your hair. Once you wet curly hair tangling will happen. To avoid hair damage you need to use your fingers in working out the knots and kinks. In the event that you come across a good detangler you should grab it.

This should be followed by combing using a wide-toothed comb and then you can work through it with a finer comb. You should not use a brush because it won’t just weaken your hair but also damage it. Hydrating curly hair is also essential. Actually, it is not just for the curly hair but all hair types. The process makes the hair elastic and prevents breakage. During the cold season, the heavy oils are the best for your hair. You can get away with the lighter oils in summer. Natural humectants can be used throughout the year.

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