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Other Sources Of Caffeine

Caffeine is well known for its ability to temporarily boost the energy levels and alertness increase, ad is also the most commonly used drug all over the world. If you hate coffee or are among the people that drinks lots of energy drinks, there are a good number of other caffeine natural sources out there and here are some of them. We can, first of all, get the more obvious one, the coffee, out of the way and here there are three types namely the Arabica, the Liberica, and the Robusta.

They are all different with Liberia being the rare type but with the same caffeine levels as the Arabica, which in turn is the most popular for the pleasant flavors with the chocolate and the caramel note, and the Robusta with the highest caffeine level, and harsher with taste. The tea, and especially the white, green, black, yellow and oolong tea, is the perfect choice for when you do not want a lot of the caffeine because not all tea contains the caffeine. The caffeine leaves vary with the black tea having the highest caffeine levels followed by the oolong, then green, white and finally the yellow tea and can be taken as iced tea or hot drinks.

If you love tea but the caffeine that tea offer is not enough for you then matcha will be the perfect choice for you. Matcha is made from green tea powder ground and added some water to make a paste, which is then topped with hot water then whisked to make it smooth and can also be used in shakes and smoothies. The fact that you are consuming the while leaf makes the caffeine levels higher. The Guarana seeds, there were initially used for the medicinal purposes, are used as supplements for the weight loss regimen and to make various frizzy energy drinks today and this is another source of the caffeine. The herbal supplements are the healthier options here unlike the sugar packed and fizzy drinks. Just like a match, you can also buy the powder to use in the shakes and the smoothies.

The kola, which was part of the original recipe for the frizzy energy drinks and the word ‘cola’ is loss the other natural source of the caffeine. The kola nuts, which is the origin for the word ‘cola’ and a part of the original repose for the populate drinks is also a strong mayoral source of the caffeine. Just like the match and the Guarana, relying on the herbal supplements that have been shown to aid in the digestion and the blood circulation, is better than the fizzy drinks. There is then the cocoa that has been used to create the chocolate and the cocoa powder. This is a perfect alternative for the caffeine because while the chocolate and the cocoa doesn’t naturally have the caffeine, the raw cocoa does have stimulants. In general, there are a lot of herbal and healthier ways that you can get your caffeine fix.

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