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Installation of a Subwoofer in a Car the right way

Life is not complete without music; it does not matter if you are relaxing on your couch, or doing some work with some background music, whether driving or stuck in the traffic mess, music is important in life. If you want to have the out of this world experience, you should consider having advanced subwoofers apart from just having just music in your car. Look at these subwoofers, and choose what suits you according to your budget or needs it is time to have it installed. You can go ahead and contract someone to do it for you, but you can also do it with these six simple steps.

You need some take, the amplifier, the amplifier kit, a subwoofer box, and these subwoofers. You must make sure the box for these subwoofers is specifically designed for the speakers and that you have the amp that has the right strength for the speakers. Now get the power line ready, by getting beneath the dash and finding an opening through the firewall where the power wire can pass. The thickness of the power wire should be between 8 to 0 in most of the kits. At this point, a fuse should be found close to the connect and one that will eventually go to the battery, place one near the battery but do not connect it yet.

It is time to pull out the player head unit and the dash and with the tape, attach the wire with the RCA cables and below the dash attach it to the player position on the passenger side. Here you can decide if you want to connect either the remote or straight wire or the wiring harness that is correspondent to the player with the RCA cables. At this point the wires have to be run back to the point where the mounting of the amp was done. All you need is to run the wires right to where the amp will be placed or the trunk. As a safety measure, run the wire down on the passenger side.

Now lift the carpet near the amp and obtain a good metal space on the body of the car to the lay the wire. If the ground is not good there will be issues with the amp so the ground must be and if this is not easily achieved you can consider sanding some paint to get a firm ground. Lastly, these subwoofers can be placed in the car, connect the amp to the speaker wire. Where the battery cable is at, hold the fuse using either a hose in the engine compartment and attach the battery cable to the positive side of the battery. Prior to reassembling, test these subwoofers and ensure everything is properly connected and if all is in order reassemble the dash and enjoy the fine tunes in your car.

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