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Practical Cues on How to Choose a Christian Church

A verse in the Bible says that man shall not live only by human food but by the word of God. This verse in the book of Matthew tells mankind that they need God. With that in mind, many people look for a Christian church to belong to, where to listen the preaching and teaching of God’s word, where to enjoy sweet fellowship with other Christians, where to find avenues to serve, and so on and so forth. If you too are in the search of a Christian church, it is good to sit down for a while and consider a few essential points. Churches are not the same, and it makes complete sense to contemplate beforehand how to do the choosing if you face the need to. Kindly read further to learn a bunch of practical cues that go into choosing a Christian church.

Practical Cues on How to Choose a Christian Church

1. Basis of Teaching and Doctrine

One very important consideration in choosing a Christian church is the teaching and doctrine basis. Churches are parted from each other in terms of where they source their doctrines and practice teachings. If you are a person who believes that the Bible is the word of God and should be held as the prime basis for whatever doctrine or teachings a church stands on, then you ought to look for a church that is not only a Bible reader but also a Bible believer. On one or more appointments, you can request to speak to the minister or pastor of a church you are eyeing at to communicate and share insights with. You can also try to personally attend one worship service of the church to take heed onto their teaching.

2. Inclusivity of Worship

Another thing to take into account when choosing a Christian church is the church policy for membership and visitor acceptance. For one reason or another, some churches are exclusive only for a specific group of people. It is important to check the church policy to find out in advance if the church can welcome you to their organization, and so do with your family members who wish to worship with you. Again, your conversation with the minister or pastor of the church is the key to knowing and understanding the church policies, and consequently determine if such an organization is a place you would want yourself to be a member of.

3. Location

It is true that the location of a church is merely a secondary factor in terms of which Christian church to choose. But then of course, if a nearby Christian church is present, you would want to check it out first before the others. Practically speaking, a nearer Christian church that teachings biblical doctrines and practices and which welcomes you to their fellowship is a much better choice than the farther ones. This is because a nearer church provides you less constraints with time and distance each and every time you are going to visit your worship place.

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