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Tips on How to Book an Arcade Party

It is not an easy task to find a place to hold a party that will accommodate all your guests. Customers looking for party venues can easily place their booking here and select a package that will be most suitable to them. The charges are affordable, and there is freedom to bring some items from outside. There are many facilities that will supplement the fun that people will be having here under the package they choose. Ensure that you book your party on this website and save the hassle of calling and making arrangements. Read the reviews on this page about each package and click on the one you would like to book.

The charges of each package vary and customers will have to select the ones that suites the most. Customers will enjoy 1 hour of full access to the party room, but they can pay for more time to enjoy more. Each package comes with a dedicated party host, wristbands and dessert tableware for their use. Guests will get clean bottled water on the entrance to the venue. Other packages will include extra services for better comfort.

Booking a party with us is straightforward and easy. There are conditions where you are allowed to bring snacks from outside. People can bring cakes, cupcakes, and cookies from outside. Customers will get a desert tableware only, but they could order a pizza, and they will get napkins and dinner plates for free. Customers are not allowed to bring ice cream and cream cakes. Customers can however pay more so they can get extra products provided under the packages they pay. Customers pay for exactly what they get when they buy products from us.

The ease of booking a party on this website makes many customers like our services. Just read on the description of the package and click on the one you like. Book on this page or call us to get it done for you. To complete a reservation for a particular day and time, it is a requirement that people pay a deposit in cash, debit or credit. If a customer decides to cancel a party, they can get a refund. However, communication must be done to the management in advance. It you want a refund, ensure that you cancel your party 30 or more days in advance. No Cancelling can be done in under 30 days, but we offer a rescheduling.

You can come with more guests than our package indicates. The extra guests will have to buy our wristbands on arrival. All those who participate are required to wear a wristband. That is inclusive of the parents who wish to play the arcade. Guests can purchase additional products from the ones provided in our package. You can only enjoy our services through a reservation.

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