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The Best Instagram Features That Could Help Your Business in Its Marketing

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms where you can share pictures and videos. As for the businesses, Instagram is more than that and provides a great platform for marketing. In this article, you’re going to learn more about some of the best Instagram features that could help your business in its marketing.

One of the best features on Instagram that could come in handy for your business is stories. For the Instagram stories, you may choose between Instagram story videos and Instagram stories ads which will prove to be beneficial since you will add more followers. It is important to note that the Instagram stories ads will cost you some money but will be worthwhile since they will bring more value.

Another top Instagram feature is the push notifications. Push notifications will enable you to automatically let your followers know that you have posted something new and you can optimize the push notifications by using high-quality content that is posted regularly and call to action buttons.

The other best Instagram feature is known as geotagging. When you use the geotagging feature, you will make your business to be more visible within certain geographical boundaries and this will attract the followers that live around your business.

On Instagram, another useful feature that you could use is the live video. Because live video is real-time, it is one of the best ways in which you can build credibility among the Instagram users. When you have live video, you can easily boost your brand recognition and show your customers the new products that you are dealing with.

On Instagram, you are also going to find another feature that is known as photo filters. When your business uses photo filters and Instagram, you will achieve a lot as far as social profile branding is concerned. Using photo filters in your posts will enable you to develop a certain theme that can help your followers to identify your business on Instagram.

Hashtags are the other top feature that you could use on Instagram. It is advisable that you use the trending hashtags in your posts so that you can increase the exposure of your business to the non-followers. Emoji polls are the other top Instagram feature that you want to use to market your business on Instagram. With the emoji polls, you will ask questions to your followers and get feedback that will make your prospective customers feel a sense of belonging since their feedback is valued.

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