The Beginners Guide To (Chapter 1)

A Guide for Car Scratch Repair.

It is almost impossible to prevent wear and tear on your car. A car scratch can occur when your car is parked, or when you are driving. The cost of the damage will cost you around $300 or more. If you want to avoid paying this much for repairs, you should consider doing the repairs yourself. The tips below are of great help, if you want to know how to repair car scratches.

The only way to deal with car scratches is patching them up.

The first step is always examining the extend of the damage. The extend of the cut will determine which repair techniques you will use. Use your fingernail to determine how deep the scratch has gone.

If its only the outer coat has been removed, you fingernail should be able to easily slide into the scratch. If several scratches has been removed, your fingernail will be snagged.

It is recommended that the scratch should be cleaned before any repairs. The damage can be worse, if the scratched area is not washed. If you are looking for something to use for cleaning, use a power hose. After using the power hose, take soap and sponge and clean. Don’t use just any towel for drying, ensure it is a microfiber.

If the damage is minor, the step is repairing the scratch is using toothpaste. Toothpaste is ideal for buffering the imperfections away. Take a damp microfiber towel and pour some toothpaste on it, after put the towel on the scratch, and using circular motions buff out the damage. Don’t overdo this, to avoid causing more damage. After that rinse the toothpaste away, then repeat 2 other times, if the damage is still there, it is advisable you look for a more powerful repair method.

For deep scratches, look for scratch repair kits. You can get the scratch repair kit for around $25 or less. For major scratches, look for a polishing compound. For this, you will need to apply the scratch remover on a towel and then use your finger to run the remover into the gash, if the scratch has not disappeared, do it again 2 more times.

However, all these scratch repair kits don’t remove the scratches completely they only subtle them It can be expensive to do repairs on the scratches all the time, you should consider using getting a new car. Explore on popular new cars here.

You can opt for painting your car, if the scratches are deep, however, don’t paint your car, if you don’t have the necessary risks. First, you will need to sand the paint in the direction of the scratch, next, you will need to wash the sanded paint away, then apply a primer, after it has dried, spray a few coats of paints over the area.

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