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Expert Advice on Choosing the Right Shower Door
Thinking about updating your shower door? Or are you having a shower installed in your new home and the shower door just has to be perfect? Well, read more here on what you need to know when choosing a shower door.
First you shall need to understand a few things about the shower enclosure and space that you are leaning towards. That means things like the shower space that the shower occupies, the time that you shall take to get the shower door clean, and how much room there is between the shower and the other fixtures, if the shower mind is a good fit for our house in the first place, and do on and so forth, are some of the things you need to take in mind. You should read more here to know more about the requirements that you need to have before ordering that shower door.
Consider the type of shower door that you want to have installed as well. Of course there is a broad variety here as well. You could get a modern clean look with the sturdy tempered glass frameless door. It has an allure because it makes the shower look beautiful from all angles and as a result, it is a favorite for many even if it comes at twice the cost of most of the options. The semi-frameless door could also be a good choice given the fact that it is relatively economical and does have a 3/8 inch tempered glass. There is always the framed shower enclosures and glass enclosures that could choose from as well. You shall have to understand the pros and cons of each choice and for that, read more here.
The type of opening style is yet another factor to consider. A pivoting shower door also known as a swinging door or hinge door, is a perfect fit for the traditional bathroom. Other options here include the sliding door which works really well for a narrow bathroom and tub enclosure and the bi-fold shower door that is best suited for a small bathroom. Read more here on the merits and demerits of one or the other.
Yet another thing to put in mind is the hardware. The thing with shower enclosures is that they eventually break. Therefore it is best to pick one that is made with high quality hardware and comes with a lifetime warranty on moving parts like the roller and hinges. This will give you longer service. It is wise to get a shower door that complements the rest of the space in your house. Read more here about high quality shower doors.

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