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What To Do and How to Behave When Invited to a Black Tie Event

How do you dress and what do you do with your hands when you are invited to a black tie event? No doubt these are some of the best galas and events with lots of fun but can also be intimidating for a first timer. If not for anything else, there are strict dress codes that ought to be observed, not to mention specific behavior that attendees must adhere to. How about you get familiar with basic black tie event etiquette tips and tricks to avoid those awkward and embarrassing moments that might spoil your entire evening.

Let’s get started with these simple rules about black tie events. For starters, you want to stick to the basic rule when it comes to black tie event dress code. First things first is to know that a “black tie” simply means “formal” so you should dress as formally as you possibly can. Men are safe wearing a dark colored suit which can be a full-on tuxedo or the good old traditional suit. On the flip side of the coin are the ladies who will look amazing in cocktail dresses or formal gowns. Just ensure the formal gown or the cocktail dress is long enough to cover from the knee going downwards. In a nutshell, the secret to a good dress code in a black tie event is to be over-dressed and not under-dressed, ensuring you keep the accessories to the minimum.

Next in line is to know how to behave when you attend a black-tie event. Remember that black tie events are social events so you should be ready to talk, meet, interact and network with new people. Even if you are reserved and shy, ensure you shake the hands of the hosts and be smiling to everyone you come in contact with. At the very least, you should introduce yourself and show the appreciation that you have been invited to the said event. However, it is important to mention that not all black tie events are meant for socialization and greeting everyone you come across. An award show for example calls for maximum attention especially when they are giving out those crystal awards. Still on point, you might want to know what table manners to employ if the black-tie event will be made up of dinner and drinks. Use the right piece of silverware when having your meals. Start with the silverware furthest from your plate and work your way inside.

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