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Interesting Things about Animals

The animal kingdom is full of interesting animals. These animals have some abilities that shall leave you speechless. A pigeon, for example, can do math. They can rank images based on the number of items on them. This is simply wonderful to learn. Here are some other fun facts.
Crows are seen to be also intelligent. They are seen to be extremely smart. They are aware of water displacement, can recognize faces and use tools. The old tale about a crow adding stones to a water pitcher to raise its level enough for it to drink turns out to be true. That was an intelligent thing for the crow to do.
Mantis shrimp are known for their ability to see more colors than we can. Their vision is likened to that of a satellite sensor. They have been blessed with twelve color receptors, when we have only the three like the primary colors, and dogs have two; yellow and blue.
You will hear of some myths about the gray wolf that are far from the truth. Those who say they can harm people are very wrong. They are not in any way interested in encountering people. This means you and your livestock shall be harmed by anything else except them.
Elephants cannot jump. They can do so many other important things, and have a family instinct an excellent memory. Their lack of jumping powers has little to do with their sizes and all to do with their not needing to. Other animals need to run and jump due to their size, but an elephant faces no opposition large enough to warrant such reactions.
Rhino horns are basically constituted of hair. These horns share the same chemical composition as hair and nails, in their keratin content. You will also find calcium and melanin in it.
The legs of tigers are some of their most powerful regions. Their hind legs work well to jump after prey, and to also fight well. These hind legs are so strong they shall keep the animal standing even after death. This is not something you wish to see, but it effectively demonstrates the point.
Cows have better emotional understanding and constitution than some people. You may not see it but they do get mood swings and feelings. They develop relationships amongst themselves, and have even best friends. They can, therefore, be stressed if you keep them from their friends.
While sloths are generally slow, that slowness goes much deeper. They will use up a lot of time to digest food. A meal can take up to a month to digest. They take long to eat, and even longer to digest it.
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