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The UK and the Immigration Situation

There is a lot of talk about immigration in the UK. This interest spiked due to the Brexit discussions. While immigration may be one of the biggest concerns, there is a lot about it few people understand. Social media and mainstream news have failed to give good info on the matter. Here are some interesting facts about immigration you should be aware of.
The UK has the fifth largest immigration population compared to anywhere else. Over the past three decades, the immigrant population has more than doubled. This doubling however has not brought down the education standards, as some people might claim. Migrant children hold no power or how high other children can get in their pursuit of education. They also hold no sway in deciding which schools other kids can go to as they would have liked.
Migration has been seen to increase job opportunities. While you may think you will face stiffer competition for those opportunities, evidence suggests that their presence leads to more jobs. They for one provide more labor which leads to more production, thus more opportunities for everyone.
You will find that one in every seven kids does not speak English as their first language. At the same time, the prison population is made up of immigrants and the British in the same ratio. The US has different statistics. The US Visa Council website shall have more helpful information on this subject.
You will also find one of the most diverse populations in the world in the UK. We share that spot with Denmark. A large percentage of the immigrants in the mix come from India, Poland, and Pakistan. England also happens to be the most crowded country in Europe. Malta is the other European country that has more people.
You will also come to know that there are a lot of people here who would like to see the day when the government would stop the immigrants from coming into the country. A closer inspection of their objection reveals there is a lot of misinformation concerning the issue of immigration and immigrants. As long as such misunderstandings exist, addressing the issue of immigration shall remain a contentious one. They need to know that the primary motivator for most of the immigrants is to seek asylum. Their parent countries have gotten too unsafe for them to keep living there. Others are here to live with their relatives already present. You will also see those who want a better life with more opportunities.
You shall learn more interesting facts about immigration and the country when you visit this site. If only more people got interested in such info, not what they receive on social media, which is misleading at best. Go to this website for more info.

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